On set for 'Finding The Nature'

in 1993, the Kennedy River Bridge entrance to logging operations on Clayoquot Sound became the site of one of the largest civil disobedience campaigns in Canadian history. The action followed the B.C. government’s decision to allow a harvesting plan that would see the eventual cutting of another 51 percent of the area’s old-growth forest. 

To press for that reversal, a peace camp was set up by the Friends of Clayoquot Sound (FOCS), a Tofino-based environmental group which has fought for the protection of the forests for fourteen years. The camp served as a base for protesters, who blockaded the Kennedy River Bridge. 9,000 people participated in demonstrations, and more than 800 people were arrested to protect the remaining old-growth forest.

Kennedy River Bridge

I'm standing on the bridge during a live sound session for 'Finding the Nature',  a project that captures moments that create a shared sense of place and feeling, a tender strength that has the power to bring us back to our roots, out of the mind and into the moment. Featuring local artists and filmmakers who share a respect for music and the environment, the FTN story is the journey to wide-open vistas and secluded wilderness, sun-soaked beaches and rocky caves, from urban to outdoors, suburban to the remote. Finding the Nature records music in the best sound session studio we have: Mother Nature. Carbon-neutral, all-organic, uninhibited, unselfconscious. Stay tuned for the release later this summer!