Red Jam Slam

The Red Jam Slam Society hosts events, celebrations,and annual festivals that feature emerging and seasoned aboriginal artists and performers. The grassroots Society encourages inclusive strategies that honour all Aboriginal voices and encourage all to participate with continued growth, presence, and expression within all media.

I was so honoured to have been invited as an ally performer as part of the lineup for the last day of the annual Red Jam Slam Radio Festival broadcast at the Bill Reid Gallery, which was broadcast live across the country. I had the privilege of sharing the mic with artists, musicians, carvers and storytellers like Ta'Kaiya Blaney, Audrey Seigle, Guanrgie O'Sullivan, Bev Sellars, Corey Bulpitt, Gwaii Edenshaw, OsTwelve, and Beau Dick.The sample below includes a few songs, some Haida Language lessons, and storytelling by carver Gwaii Edenshaw. 

You can also click here to watch a fan video from the festival, from Ta'Kaiya Blaney's as-always powerful performance.